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We’re always excited and proud to receive glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Here are just a few examples of what our happy clients had to say about their experience working with the Bellings Brothers. If you think you’d benefit from the expertise of our Real Estate Team, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can view more great testimonials from our clients at Yelp.

I should preface this by saying that i’ve never worked with another agent before, so i don’t have anything to compare this to, but my experience with the bellings brothers (specifically Aaron since i only worked with him on this transaction) was much better than i’d anticipated.

these guys were referred to me via redfin where i originally tried to find an agent (because my friend works there, gotta share the love). aaron called me promptly, listened to what i had in mind, then gave me marching orders for the weekend (“go forth and look at apartments!”). once i’d identified one that i was interested in, he gave me his candid opinion on what the market was like in that area, what i might be looking at spending based on the seller’s expectations, etc. based on his advice, i came up with an offer (my very first one!) that ended up winning by a very slim margin. can’t do much better than that!

i don’t know if he does this with all clients but it felt like he really did a lot of mental hand holding for me through the process: making sure i was comfortable with my decision, interfacing with the seller’s agent on some potentially prickly questions – basically, whatever it was that i needed and sometimes just checking in to make sure i wasn’t getting too stressed out over the details, listening to my concerns and offering his personal and professional opinion in response.

so, a big thank you to aaron for keeping my neuroses in check and getting me through a super speedy process. i expected (based on anecdotal experience) this whole thing would take months to complete, but once i made the decision to start looking at property, it was done, start to finish, within a single month. ?!?! seriously, if you need a blitzkrieg attack, you can’t go wrong with the bellings brothers at the helm of your luftwaffe.

– Sylvia C. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

Aaron helped me and my parents buy our first place in SF. We were totally clueless about the process and Aaron made me feel so comfortable texting him at any time of day with my endless string of questions. Even well after we closed, I was really confused about the title stuff, HOA stuff, and texted him, getting friendly and timely replies. I absolutely hate phone calls and signing papers without Docusign, and Aaron was totally aligned with that too!

– Theresa C. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

Michael and Aaron are fantastic, couldn’t have imagined a better experience in San Francisco! They took the time to meet with us and really learn about what we were looking for. They were honest, helpful and extremely responsive over the several months we spent looking for a home. They were very patient as we did our research and never pushy. They were happy to review disclosures and always gave a us a really thorough understanding of the properties we were interested in.

Once we found a place we loved, Mike and Aaron were total pros at helping us make a competitive offer. They helped us with a great offer strategy and ultimately helped us find our first home at a great value. Totally exceeded expectations from start to finish. Highly highly recommend the Bellings Brothers for anyone looking to buy or sell!

– John S. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

We happened to meet Michael at an open house here in San Francisco. It was a busy showing, but he took the time to chat at length with us about the market and what to expect going into the hunt for our first place. We set up a time to meet at their office in the Mission where Michael and Aaron did a comprehensive review of all our wants and needs in a house. We were pretty set on finding a fixer, which we knew would be difficult within city limits, but Michael and Aaron helped us find the perfect one in a great neighborhood just a month later. Michael helped us write our first offer and guided us on how to position ourselves to win. And although we lost the initial bid, Michael stayed in touch with the selling agent so that when it fell through the following week, he reached out to Michael first to revisit our offer.

With Michael & Aaron’s help, we were able to find a fixer with phenomenal potential in the right area, in a much shorter period than we ever expected, and all with only one offer written! Overall, the Belling Bros. made an experience we were dreading into such a positive, simple & fun experience!

Great energy, very knowledgable, responsive and super helpful. Actually looking forward to working with them in the future.

– Alex C. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

Aaron and Michael are truly an amazing duo. First time home buying is, in itself, a nerve-wracking experience AND on top of that to attempt buying a home in one of the most competitive markets in the nation was, needless to say, daunting. Aaron and Michael are VERY knowledgeable about the area, the market, and will be candid with you. They truly want to help you find a place to call home and will take the time to listen to your needs, concerns, and hopes. They are more than mere agents that want to sell you a house, they will be there for you every step of the way and even after you’ve closed.

For example, the selling agents accidentally got us the wrong set of keys to our house and we only discovered this during our moving day. It was 105 degrees in SF, we had a moving truck full of furniture, two movers who were exhausted, AND we were locked out. We had no idea what to do. We contacted Aaron and within 30 minutes he had a locksmith sent and got us in the house. And that was just one of many examples of Aaron going above and beyond for us. Truthfully, it is unlikely that we would now find ourselves with a beautiful home in an area that we are growing to love if it had not been for that fateful first meeting with Michael many months ago. His kindness, patience and genuine willingness to help a young, naive couple, along with Aaron’s attentiveness to our every needs, has made all the difference.

Bottomline: if you’re looking on Yelp for an real estate agent, you are looking for the best. Well, you’ve found them; look no further.

Best of luck!

– L Y. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

We were referred to Michael and Aaron through a friend who recently purchased their home. Though we were not even sure if we were ready to make the plunge, Michael walked us through every step of the process and got us through the finish line. He was a joy to work with in every aspect: pace and tone of communication, negotiation, sticking to our budget, and really just helping us find and get the home that was right for us. Not to mention he managed to give us lots of laughs throughout what should have really been a more stressful process. Another benefit of the Bellings’ is their network of related services that they referred us to. We found our mortgage broker (who gave us better terms than we even expected), our handyman (who did work on our rental and new home), and our fence builder through Bellings’ referrals. We could not recommend them enough and they will be our realtors for as long as we are in San Francisco.

– Nancy L. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

The Bellings brothers are an impressive duo. It was my first home purchase, and they made the whole process very easy for me. They are extremely honest and professional, as well as knowledgeable of the San Francisco real estate market. I felt very comfortable working with them from the very beginning. I had lots of questions for them, which they answered promptly and clearly, and when they didn’t immediately have the answers, they were willing to find the appropriate information without delay.

Everything went really smoothly, and after closing Michael was good about following up to see if I needed anything else. I would recommend the Bellings brothers with the highest ratings.

– Ed L. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

Michael and Aaron helped me buy my first home in SF, and they were amazing ! As SF native’s, they were the perfect age in that they have seen SF grow over the past 2 decades, but are still young enough to understand where the next hot trends are coming. They were every first home buyers dream – knowledge, tech savvy, communicative, and not too pushy.

Michael met me at my house and gave me a runway of the SF market, and took me around all day showing me houses, giving me honest feedback on each house, including times when he thought a home was overvalued (btw, all his estimates were spot on, I checked each listing after it closed and Michael was always right!). We found the perfect home, and Michael negotiated everything smoothly, and had me covered for things I didn’t even think of as a first time buyers.

Finally, during escrow, as is typical in the process, the bank was slower then expected – but Michael had me covered as well and was able to buy us extra time while the deal closed. I cannot recommend these two enough! There is no way I would have had the confidence to pull the trigger without them.

– Solomon B. Santa Monica, CA – Buyer

Truly world-class, these two.  Honest, communicative, intelligent, and willing to listen. First rate!

– Skyler B. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

We worked with Michael and Aaron to buy our first home in SF, and had an end-to-end great experience. If you’re looking to buy in the city, I recommend them without reservation.

We had just started looking at homes and didn’t have an agent yet when we ran into Michael at one of the first places we looked at in the city. Michael and Aaron both met with us afterward and walked through the different areas of the city, what we were looking for, and what might be a good fit for us depending on exactly what we wanted in a home (location, a possible bigger or smaller increase in value, features of the home, stuff like that).

They also set us up with some great referrals for loan agents, including a stellar one who was able to get us approved quickly and set us up to be able to bid on homes. Michael and Aaron were also great about teaching us about the (notable!) difference between list and sales prices for homes here.Our entire process was fast and super smooth.

Michael & Aaron have also been great *after* we bought our home, connecting us with a handyman who was able to make the few fixes or updates we wanted, and helping us learn more about our new home.

Buying a home is a big deal, especially in the Bay Area, and that mountain of papers you’re gonna sign to close can be intimidating. Michael and Aaron made this smooth and even fun for us, and they know the city inside and out. Again, recommended without reservation!

– Alexander S. San Francisco, CA – Buyer

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